We know that our natural environment is a precious legacy and are committed to playing a leading role to tackle the climate emergency.

Our developments bring a unique opportunity to help our local authorities to go further and faster in terms of their place-based plans for the environment.

As a Trust our Green Plan sets out how we will contribute to protecting and enhancing the environment for the next generation by:

  • Reducing our carbon emissions
  • Reducing our contribution to air pollution
  • Reducing our generation of waste and improving recycling.

Sustainability is being incorporated throughout the design and is intrinsic to the programme. All works have been designed to be as sustainable as possible and we are committed to constructing our new estate to the world’s leading sustainability assessment method – BREEAM.

This will help us maximise sustainability in areas such as energy efficiency, waste segregation, recycling and mitigating pollution.

Our exciting designs have sought to protect and enhance our existing green spaces and biodiversity for the benefit the wellbeing of our colleagues and patients.