As one of the most digitally advanced Trusts in the UK, “Digital by Design” is a fundamental principle underpinning our hospital developments, ensuring processes, operating models and technologies are in place with the necessary culture for digital to thrive.

We are at the forefront of technological innovation to improve access to services and support people in managing their health closer to home, to ensure health and care professionals can access patient records wherever they are, and to provide decision support and artificial intelligence to apply best practice and improve patient outcomes.

Together with our local Councils and other health and care partners, technology will play a central part of the fabric of our hospitals and the services provided to people at home or other care locations.

We also recognise that whilst we take these huge technological strides forward, we need to ensure that nobody is left behind.

So, whether we develop user-friendly mobile phone apps to assist patients and their families to find their way around, or at the more advanced end, use artificial intelligence to assist clinical decision making, we will make sure that this does not digitally exclude anyone or increase health inequalities.

Using technology we can work more effectivily to ensure our hospital are kept to the highest standards for our patients. This is why we have invested in our robot hoovers to assist our cleaning team. See it in action on our YouTube channel.

HORICE - Robot Hoover